Dryer Vent Cleaning



According to The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), dryer vent-related home fires are increasing day by day. CPSC figures tell us that in one year alone there were 15,900 dryer flames which resulted in 390 wounds, 29 deaths, and 89.8 million dollars in property damage.

Dryer vent cleaning enhances the security and proficiency of your dryer. As dryer vents use to be laden with build up and different flotsam, drying time expands and can cause the dryer to overheat. This causes sparks, which ultimately create flames in the dryer.

Some of the dryer vents are generally short and straight and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Others, however, aren’t that simple and may require specialized devices and tools.Our tools are particularly intended to clean dryer vents and have the capacity to clean even the most troublesome dryers.

Issues of a Blocked Dryer Venting System:

  1. The dry time is commonly more and may need more than one cycle.
  2. The dryer may overheat which will decrease the life of your dryer or may even trigger it to separate, resulting in possible repair/change.
  3. When the plan isn’t decreasing appropriately, the buildup moistness (water) can cause water damage and mold.
  4. Carbon monoxide causes more than 400 deaths and more than 16,000 hospitalizations every year.

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