Chimney Cleaning


Chimney Cleaning Service

Everybody loves to sit before the fire; however, in the event that your chimney is not legitimately cleaned and kept up, you may be playing with disaster. Residue and fiery remains can develop in the inside dividers of your smokestack which can cause unsafe gasses such as carbon monoxide to emanate into the climate.

Make sure to get your chimney cleaned regularly as suggested by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Dust and buildup can be a beginning stage for a staggering house fire. Make sure to contact Comfort Home Expert LLC today to schedule an annual tune up to ensure your family and your home is safe and healthy.The NFPA recommends a yearly cleaning for safe fireplaces. Pay special attention to the natural life in your neighborhood. Fledglings and squirrels intermittently find smokestacks at incredible spots to make their homes. In some cases even raccoons have discovered their way into them. Keep your fireplace clear from blockage by these creatures by using our gatekeeper, introduced by our quality experts.

Our smokestack scope and chimney cleaning service incorporate a thorough wire brush cleaning of the vent, the firebox, the smoke retire and chamber. A vacuum is used to gather little stores, while the bigger ones go into the firebox. In the end, we totally wipe the firebox out so there is no dust or garbage left behind.

Three Service Levels Offered at Our Company:

Level 1: Complete visual examination.

Level 2: Visual examination, brush cleaning

Level 3: Video camera examination, brush cleaning

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