Duct Sanitizing


Duct Sanitizing

One of Envirocon’s trademark qualities is its low danger and overall rating by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With its Category IV, the most minimal EPA poisonous quality rating, Envirocon can be connected specifically to HVAC ventilation ducts in populated zones. The most minimal EPA harmfulness rating means there are no unsafe dermal (skin), visual (eyes), inward breath (breathing) or ingestion (gulping) impacts when utilizing Envirocon. Envirocon does not utilize any fuels or combustible fixings, upgrading its security qualities. Envirocon is a no-flush item, making it simple to apply. When it dries, it leaves the framework buildup free.

Our air duct sterilizing service doesn’t have any scent and it is naturally protected. So when this method is used, you don’t need to leave the area. This is useful for businesses. Contact us now at Comfort Home Expert LLC and take advantage of this service that we offer.


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